Climbing with children

Our expertise has developed since 1998

The Crux Boisbriand and Laval is the essential climbing center for families

Climbing with family is an ideal sporting activity to create an environment of fun, mutual support and trust.

In order to have fun, do it safely!


Supervision of children aged 15 and under is mandatory, the maximum ratio is 1 guide for 3 children [1:3]

  • When there is only one adult, he cannot climb unless all the children hold their "Jeune Sécure" card. The course is offered to 8 years old and over.
  • The supervising adult must always be no more than 2 meters from all children (on the ground).

The minimum age to supervise a child 15 and under is 18.

Bouldering and training section

For bouldering, children 7 and under are only allowed on the identified walls:

  • in Boisbriand = old bouldering wall and the crosspiece
  • in Laval = bouldering routes identified by a yellow dot.

Children must be supervised at all times by an adult and this one must not be further than two meters from them and cannot in any case climb while supervising. Only one child per group can climb at a time (the others watch)

Children 13 and under are not allowed in the training area.

Welcome to the Crux family and your new passion, climbing