Welcome home,
We are pleased to welcome you to our climbing centers!

Operating in time of Covid-19 is a whole new reality, both for you and for us, please read the sections below carefully.
We will do everything in our power to give you the best possible experience. Please be patient with our employees who also have to adapt to the situation.

Changes will be expected based on the observation of our new operation as well as updates to public health regulations. Please be understanding. Let’s work together to make our centers a place where you feel at home.

If you have any concerns or want to contact us, please write to us at

Hope to see you among us.

Le Crux Team.

ATTENTION PASSEPORT !! As of September 1, 2021, for anyone 13 years of age and over, you will have to present your proof of vaccination to climb in our two branches. This directive is imposed by public health. On the positive side, our branches can remain open

  • You do not have to present proof if you are only coming to buy in store or assisting without climbing.

    You must present your evidence in one of these ways:

  • Paper Format;
  • PDF Format on your mobile device;
  • Vaxicode application;
    For more informations, Click here.
  • For those who have a subscription and who are not vaccinated, two choices are available to you.

  • Put your subscription on hold (10$/month applicable fees)
  • Cancel your subscription (no fees)
  • You must sent your choice at

    Please be respectful in your communications, we are caught like you in a situation over which we have no control. Thank you for being part of our big Crux family.

    ATTENTION MASK!! The mask is mandatory for anyone 10 years of age and over, when you are not climbing. The only mask recognized is the procedure one. Handmade masks or headbands are no longer accepted. If you do not have a procedure mask, we will give it to you free of charge upon arrival
    ATTENTION!! In order to respect the rules issued by public health and to give you the best possible experience.
    Please understand that we have no choice but to proceed in this way and that this is temporary, hoping to be able to remove these measures as quickly as possible.
    We still keep a very positive spirit since we are lucky to be still open and this is in large part thanks to YOU!
    You have to make a reservation to use the auto-belay at Boisbriand
    You are entitled to a 2-hour period on site, while respecting the departure time For those who can come day by week, take advantage! the traffic is less strong.


    • All memberships will be reactivated from July 15, 2020. No fees for our members until then, enjoy your free climbing sessions. (Next payment August 10, 2020)
    • Anyone who has traveled outside of Quebec must refrain from visiting the center for a period of 14 days following their return.
    • If you have been in contact with people who have contracted Covid-19, you must not visit the center for a period of 14 days.
    • If you have flu-like symptoms such as fever, strong cough or loss of taste, please do not visit the center.
    • You should wash your hands when you arrive and as often as possible.
    • You must cough and sneeze into your elbows or a tissue.
    • Wearing a mask is mandatory in the gym when you are not climbing. Optional for under kids 9 years and younger
    • You must respect the distance of 2 meters between people who are not from your home.
    • You must use liquid chalk or chalk in a ball (See more information in the F.A.Q.)
    • You must sign the liability form which includes changes due to Covid-19.
    • You have to make a reservation.
    • Please change before your arrival for your climbing session to limit the use of changing rooms. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the start of your time slot.
    • Bring only essential items for climbing.
    • Clean the training equipment with the products available to you.
    • Please use card (debit / credit) or your customer account to pay for your purchases.
    • Follow the direction arrows when there are any.
    • Avoid touching your face.
    • It is strictly forbidden to put a rope in your mouth.
    • We recommend wearing socks in rental shoes.
    • Do not blow on the holds. Do not lick them either... in case you ever wanted to!
    • Comply with the additional rules related to Covid-19.
    • Check your emails, our posters in the center or our website for policy updates related to this situation.
    • Since we are all living in a new reality, we will have to adapt over the next few weeks, we thank you for your understanding and for being patient.
    • Bookings are made online.
    • You have to make a reservation for auto-belay
    • You can come without a reservation. However, you will be admitted to the center only if there are places available.
    • At the beginning of the reopening phase, the number of places available per time slot will be limited in order to allow us to adapt and also to comply with public health directives. As soon as the situation allows, we will make changes to provide more places.
    • Have your mask on. Optional for under kids 9 years and younger
    • In order to maximize your climbing time, please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the start of your time slot so that you are ready when the door opens.
    • Please wash or disinfect your hands.
    • Do not touch the counters or furniture without reason.
    • You will be allowed to enter only at the time of your reservation.
    • If there is a queue, please keep the physical distance (2m) and be patient.
    • You will need to answer questions related to the Covid-19. Please answer questions honestly.
    • If you need to make a purchase, please wait until all climbers in the time range have passed through before coming to the counter to purchase items. This will speed up the entry of climbers.
    • Please follow the direction arrows whenever there are.
    • Please wash or disinfect your hands.
    • Do not touch the counters or furniture without reason.
    • You can leave the center when you want within your time range.
    • Clients with a bar code Le Crux card have to scan out when leaving, for the others please tell an employe when you are leaving. (CHECK OUT)
    • Make available to you the additional regulations of the center during Covid-19.
    • Identify traffic areas.
    • Provide soap and liquid to disinfect your hands.
    • Increase the cleaning frequency of the furniture.
    • Train our employees and ensure follow-up so that they adopt the hygiene measures related to Covid-19 (respiratory hygiene and hand washing).
    • Find solutions to give you the best possible experience.

    In case of contamination

    If a member or employee is found positive for Covid-19, we will contact the public health authorities who will take care of the situation afterwards.
    We will work with them to manage the situation properly.


    • You can request it. The duration of the applicable freeze will be determined according to the terms of your contract.
    • Memberships will all be frozen until July 15, 2020. The first payment will be on August 10, 2020.
    • You will be charged a $10 fee, because it will prevent someone from coming to climb. As places are limited, we ask you not to reserve too many time slots in advance to ensure you can be present.
    • You must request it by phone. If you cancel less than 4 hours before the start of your time slot, you will be charged a $10 fee.
    • Yes, you can still buy a membership online.
    • You can book multiple time slots, however, it is important to include the name of each additional person.
    • We have masks to sell on site😊
    • You can rent harnesses
    • You can rent rental shoes, we ask you to keep your socks
    • You can rent a carabiner, an ATC
    • Rope rental is permitted. However, it is strictly forbidden to put the rope in your mouth (common gesture in lead climbing)
    • We prefer that the changing rooms be used as little as possible. Please arrive already changed if possible.
    • You can use the toilet and sink.
    • Before your time slot is finished you have to ask the desk if you can stay for the next time slot.
    • We ask you to prioritize the use of liquid chalk that contains alcohol. Several high-alcohol products have been ordered and you can purchase them soon.
    • For "loose" chalk, we ask that you use as much of the chalk retention ball as possible. The balls are available at the counter at a very affordable price.
    • Using these two kinds of chalk gives us all access to better air quality in the center.
    • CAUTION: It is forbidden to blow in your hands to remove excess chalk.
    • For the moment, we are suspending any free agreement, you must buy a membership or pay the entrance fee in order to climb.
    • We have beverages for sale, however we no longer sell disposable plastic water bottles. You must therefore bring a reusable bottle or get a bottle of Crux water for sale at the store.
    • We sell reusable water bottles at the store, buy at Crux = encourage Crux.
    • You can fill your water bottles at the drinkers or through the washroom sinks.
    • The drinkers are only accessible to fill your reusable water bottle.
    • Although we prefer that you arrive already changed, you can still use the changing rooms to change and go to the bathroom.
    • You cannot use the lockers for personal belongings, please keep them with you in a bag. Bring only the equipment you need to the center.
    • Do not leave cell phones, laptops or other valuables in the parking lot.

    Welcome to the Crux family and your new passion, climbing