Indoor Climbing Courses

Note that the ropes courses are only available at the Boisbriand climbing center.

Accreditation Top Rope and Lead
  • Who is it forYou have a certificate from another center and you want to practice at Crux, all you have to do is come on site and ask for an accreditation.
  • This is a simple test which will confirm that your knowledge complies with our regulations.
  • Durationbetween 10 and 15 minutes
  • ReservationNo reservation requiered
Top Rope CertificateIndoor
  • Who is it forIf you want to do roped climbing with a partner, here is the course for you.
  • Subjects included in the course
    • Explanation of basic equipment
    • Learning the figure-of-eight double knot
    • Learning the belay sequence
    • Learning the language to be used to keep climbers safe
  • EquipmentAll equipment is provided for training
  • Pre-requisitesNone
  • ReservationMandatory
  • Duration3 hours
Lead CertificateIndoor
  • Who is it forYou want to push your knowledge forward? Advance from top rope to lead climbing.
  • Subjects included in the course
    • New concept of belay sequence
    • Method of inserting the rope into the carabiner with strap (quickdraw)
    • Dynamic belay method and fall situations
    • Learn how to fall and defuse it to reduce the fear effect
  • EquipmentAll equipment is provided for training
  • Pre-requisitesTop rope certificate and being able to climb 5.9 routes or harder
  • ReservationMandatory
  • Duration6 hours
Technique improvement
  • Who is it forYou want to deepen your notions and especially your climbing technique, this course is made specifically for this purpose.
  • Subjects included in the course
    • Improvement of techniques
    • Optimization of a climbing session
    • Specific warm-up
    • Specific muscle training
    • Types of grips and holds
  • Pre-requisitesNone
  • ReservationMandatory
  • Duration3 hours
  • Every Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. one of our trainers comes to offer you free specific climbing training. Come meet and train with other members.
  • Subjects included in the course
    • Learn and practice certain physical development exercises
    • Learn not to hurt yourself during your workouts
  • Pre-requisitesNone
  • ReservationNo reservation required
  • Duration1 hour
Private and semi-private training
  • Who is it forYou want more personal or accompanied supervision, you can make a reservation for a training with our kinesiologist.
  • Subjects included in the course
    • Physical capacity assessment
    • Specific climbing assessment
    • Private training
    • Training program
  • Pre-requisitesNone
  • ReservationMandatory
  • Duration Variable

All instructors have received training and a certificate according to the specifications of the Fédération Québécoise de la Montagne et Escalade.

Welcome to the Crux family and your new passion, climbing